Thursday, August 27, 2015

And so it begins

Anyone raised with summer vacations senses the change of summer to fall with some remembered anticipation. Imprinted on us is the traditional start of school and the herald of a new year. Lazy summer days are behind us, new activity ahead. I sense it every year, even when there was nothing decidedly different between August and September, I still got all willy-winky in my tummy this time of year.

Then I became a writer—an author and coincidentally, or perhaps deliberately, my seasonal childhood schedule is reflected again. This is the beginning of what I like to think of as the Conference Season. With only a short break around Christmas, I’ll go non-stop from here through February attending and teaching at half a dozen events in several states. I’ll talk writing and breath writing and live writing and in between find time for writing.

It all kicks off this weekend in Logan with the League of Utah Writers Roundup  Conference. August 28th & 29th, where I’ll teach three classes, be part two panels and shill books while connecting with writers and authors and interesting people who love what I love.

Then I get a week off before I’m off to Denver for the Rocky Mountain Fiction Workshop, September 11-13,  where I’ll teach a class on Symbolism and another on Character Creation and Management. It’s my first trip up there and I”m not a big name to them yet so I’ll get to fly beneath the radar and get into mischief as I will.

I get back with just a few days to get ready for Salt Lake Comic Con. I love Comic Con. I’d go even if they didn’t invite me, but they did, so that makes it even cooler. I’m not sure what work I’ll have to put in yet, the panels and such haven’t been announced, but I’ll have a table with books and tie-dye at Beige 8 and I’ll party like it’s a geeky Dead Show. It’s a great event. Love me some Con.

But wait, there’s more. After Comic Con comes October and the Utah Humanities Festival, a month long state-wide event. I’ve got a thing at the Veridian on the 10th, mostly hanging out - no teaching, but later that month I’m down in St. George for the St. George Book Festival, October 23rd and 24th where I’ll again teach a class and take part in the expo. I love the desert. I’m really looking forward to that. I've also got a signing at a Barnes & Noble down there on the 23rd.

I get another chance to go to the desert when November finds me in Santa Fe at the Tony Hillerman, Wordharvest Writing Conference from the 5th to the 7th. Here I’m just attending, but I have friends there and love the trip. I take it every year.

When that’s done I get a breather except of course for the launch of my new book, THE FINGER TRAP, the first Tony Flaner mystery in mid November. I’m arranging holiday time signings where I may and plan on keeping the effort going until after LTUE when things slow down.

I’m busy. The Pavlovian anxiety I get this time of year every year is this year accurate and useful as it ramps me up for an exciting Autumn. 

Visit my EVENTS page at my website for more details on all these events and more as they come up—and they will come up. Let's hook up. I hope this season finds you busy and energized and happy and neck deep in great literature!

Gotta pack now.

Peace out,

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