Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

I always blog on Thursdays. You know what else is always on a Thursday? Thanksgiving. This little known American Holiday falling between Armistice Day and New Year Eve offers a chance for contemplative people to reflect on just how much food they can shovel into their gob while listening to a crazy relative make racist jokes on the couch. It’s a chance to display cooking prowess and cleaning panic. A time to reflect on aggressive colonization and genocide. Disease, famine and fluid injected poultry. It’s a time to wish you’d done a better job raking the leaves in the back yard and remembering that you don’t actually own a gravy boat and will have to use the Pyrex measuring cup. Again.

What am I sitting on?
But let’s take it at face value. Thanksgiving. If we dissect the word, we can discern a deeper meaning in the holiday, one lost on many on the day before Black Friday consumerism. I mean of course “Than Ksiv Ing” the Toltec phrase for plumbing repair. Literally, “there’s a badger in my colon,” the word for pipes never being invented. The holiday reminds us of the convenience of having flushing toilets and hot water on demand.

So, take a moment this holiday and be thankful that there is no badger in your colon.

I’ve had a stellar year! Thanks everyone.

Go read a good book. I write good books :-)

Peace out.


  1. I wish you and yours a mammal-free colon, Johnny! Happy thanksgiving.

  2. Wow. I'm stunned. And laughing til I'm sick. May your Ing be Ksiv-free!