Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fan-X 2015 Photo Album

I’m a little late on this, but I thought I share with you some pics from this year’s Salt Lake Comic Con Fan-X.

I had a GREAT time!

I got a table in the Vendor’s Area but didn’t know about it the first day so I had to hustle and bring something to sell the next day. This gave me a home base to connect with fans and people watch. I sold a few books. Talked Danish to people and drank too much coffee. That’s a lie. There’s no such thing as too much coffee.

I had three panels, one a day, which gave me ample time to hang out with my buds make new friends, stalk stars and celebrities and absorb all the excitement and pageantry which is a Comic Con.

If you’ve never been you have to go. They’re amazing. I connected with so many people. I am a fan and now I even have a few fans of my own. These things are part family reunion, part Mardi-Gras, part university and all fun. Hats off the people behind this annual geek fest. You’ll see me there again in September for Comic Con and the next Fan-X, and the ones after that!

Enjoy a few snaps I took.

I love other things too, just so you know.

Hell yeah, I'm a rebel.

One of my favorites. Terrifying.

Yeah, I met God. She's pretty cool.


Glad somebody was looking

Felicia Day is SOOOO cool.



The Trolls almost squished us!

Intimidating audience for one of my panels.

Cosplay so good it hurts.

Steam Candy

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