Thursday, February 26, 2015

A midnight visit with vampire author Adrienne Monson

Adrienne Monson
It’s been two years since Adrienne Monson first arrived at the Blog Mansion in the middle of the night to talk books and vampires.

This time I was very careful to specify that she arrive at 3:00 in the afternoon. I was therefore surprised when at 2:00 am, I woke up to see her silhouetted against my window.

Johnny: Ahhhhhh!

Adrienne: Chill Johnny, it’s just me.

J: Adrienne? What the hell?

A: You said three o’clock.

J: p.m.

A: Oh, I didn’t change my watch from Tokyo time.

J: Yes, I guess that could happen. It is pretty dark. Turn on a light.

A: You don’t use those full spectrum sunlight bulbs do you?

J: No. Too expensive.

A: Okay, go ahead.

J: You look pale.

A: I haven’t eaten today.

J: You want some, uh… you know what? Never mind. I’ve known you for two years now, following your progress with Dissension the first book of the Blood Inheritance Series. Just for the record, how’s that been received?

A: Really good -- better than I expected. I guess people actually like my work!

J: You’re my hero as far as signings go. I need to up my game. Are signings the best part of marketing or is it hanging out in the green room with me?

A: Hanging with you in the green room just happens to be an awesome perk. My best marketing has been online, but you know how much I love book signings. It's just so much fun to talk to people in person. (And, up your game? Really Mr. I-Sell-Out-Every-Time?)

J: I don’t mean to pry, but like I said we’ve been shadowing each other across Comic Cons and Symposiums for years and you have become known as something of a vampire expert. Even lists you as an expert. Now, uhm… not to delve too deeply into your personal affairs but how has this happened?

A: Wouldn't you like to know... ;) Let's just say a lot of studying and interesting life experiences has been my certification to expert status.

J: Please put the cat down.

A: I told you I didn't eat yet. You shouldn't have perfectly good food wandering around where I can get it.

J: Yeah, what was I thinking? Okay. Defiance, Book Two in Blood Inheritance Series is about to launch. Wait. Is this a series or a trilogy?

A: Trilogy. Which means I already know what happens in the end. Haha, readers.

J: Okay, so tell us about Defiance. Where are Leisha and Samantha headed?

A: They're going to have some character development growing pains in Defiance. But don't worry, there's still plenty of action.

J: Did it take you two years to write Defiance?

A: Just a year. Then a few months of edits with my spectacular editor.

J: You said before you don’t write to outline. Is that still the case?

A: Yep. Discovery the whole first draft. But it makes the story surprise me as I write, which hopefully transfers to the readers' enjoyment.

J: How’s Book Three coming?

A: My editor has it now. Once I get his notes, we'll get it perfected and hopefully released next year. (No official launch date from my publisher yet)

J: You’re an exciting, beautiful talented writer and friend, but please don’t stand in front o the mirror. It’s freakin’ me out.

A: Really? I don't see anything."

J: Right.

A: Oh. Yeah. Most people think it's pretty funny when I do that.

J: Here kitty-kitty.... This Saturday you’re launching Defiance. Two questions: Where and when and do you have enough sunscreen?

A: The launch will be at 2:00 pm, Utah Time, at the Sugarhouse Barnes & Noble. And as for the other thing, I've been around for a while, Johnny. I know how to work it all out.

J: And where on the internets can peoples find you?

J: And how can people register to win a free copy of Defiance?

A: Right here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

J: Well we should probably end it here. I can tell you’re really hungry and probably want to flash out and get someone, I mean something, to eat.

A: You know me so well, Johnny. Any recommendations where I should go for dinner?

J: I have a list of people. Just pull a few names out of that rejection pile over there. Bon Appétit!

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