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Is Teri Harman a witch? Let's find out.

Teri Harman
Teri Harman returns to the Blog Mansion to discuss book two of her Moonlight Trilogy, Black Moon which is coming out September 16. You might remember her from her previous visit where I quizzed her on magic and subjected her to one of my many demons.

Johnny: Hello again Teri. How’ve you been?

Teri: Hey, Johnny, sultan of tie-dye. I've been fantastic.

J: Good good. Follow me to the pond.

T: The pond? Why? I wasn't told I'd need a swimsuit and sunscreen for this interview.

J: We’re testing if you’re a witch.

T: How?

J: If you float you’re a witch. If you sink you’re not.

T: 'I”m not a witch. I'm your wife. But after what you just said, I'm not even sure I want to be that anymore . . .' Oh, sorry. Wrong movie. But seriously - NOT a witch.

J: I’ll be the judge of that. As will your readers. Your credibility as a magic writer is at stake. Are you sure you want to float? I have no fear of the outcome.

J: How goes life in Twelve Acres?

T: Pretty rough, actually. Simon accidentally killed three Dark witches and can't get over the guilt. He also can't ignore how much his bizarre powers are growing. Willa wants to help him, but he won't let her. They are supposed to be training for the biggest magical test of their lives, but strange things keep happening. For example, when it snows on the night of the July full moon, Willa sees Archard in a dream. Archard, the Dark witch who almost killed them all; the one who was supposed to be dead. But really, he's the least of their worries.

J: We talked a little last time about your book being young adult. Would Black Moon still fall into that category or is it now that new fangled genre, “New Adult?”

T: The whole trilogy is actually new adult. Willa and Simon are in college and most of the characters are adults. And at it's heart, the story is about a couple learning to stay together during hard times, as opposed to falling in love, which most YA books focus on.

J: Here put on this special robe.

T: It’s heavy. And clashes with my fashionable black pointed hat.

J: It’s made of lead. Put it on and jump in the pond.

T: I’ll drown. You're fixing the test. Cheater, cheater - too much coffee drinker!

J: You'll sink and you’ll be famous.

T: But I have a book launch coming up and a third book yet to come.

J: What’s your point?

T: Drowning is bad for me right now. I just really don't have the time. Can we reschedule this experiment?

J: Hurm… okay, I have another idea. Has your magic system evolved in Black Moon from Blood Moon? I hear there’s dark magic.

T: Dark magic has many connotations. The magic in the Moonlight Trilogy is all based in nature (not the devil), even the bad magic. The magic in BLACK MOON gets pretty intense, from Willa and Simon's training to the means used by the villains. 

J: Are you still planning a trilogy or do you see more books beyond?

T: Just the trilogy. I have other stories that need to be written.

J: How goes the work on the third?

T: Great. Willa has an impossible problem to solve. And the ride is a neck-breaking roller coaster.

J: I see you around all the cool events. I know they’re cool because I’m there. What has worked and what hasn’t worked as far as marketing your book?

T: Any time you can get face to face with readers, book lovers, and other writers it is beneficial. That's the best way I've found to market yourself and your work. Do lots of different events - not just signings. Go to conferences, talk at libraries or schools, visit book clubs, etc. And get to know some good book bloggers/reviewers. They are great for the internet side of things.

Uhhh . . . what’s that smell?

J: Oil. We’ll see how you burn.

T: What?

J: If you burn orange, you’re not a witch, but if you have like a green or a blue tint, we gotcha.

T: Where are you getting this stuff?

J: I sense some hesitation.

T: You sense right.

J: So no?

T: No.

J: What can readers look forward to in Black Moon?

T: Lots of action, lots of drama (the good kind, not the gag-me-with-a-spoon kind) and a huge surprise ending. *maniacal laugh*

J: But you have to admit that they’ll be more excited to read about your witches if your readers know you’re a witch.

T: Secrets are far more interesting.

J: Where on the internet can readers find out more about you?
TWITTER: @TeriHarman
INSTAGRAM: @teriharman

J: Okay here climb up on this.

T: A scale?

J: We’re going to measure your weight against a duck. If it’s the same, we’ll know you can float and are therefore not a witch.

T: Wait, I’ve heard of this one. But wasn’t it the other –

J: Stop arguing. Climb up.

T: This is stupid. I’m not a witch. I’m an author. People will read my books because of the great stories, not because I wield vast magical powers. I’m not worried.

J: HA! I knew it! You’re a witch!

T: You don't have any idea what you're talking about.

J: BURN HER!!!!!!!

T: Wait. What? Sigh. Well, go ahead. I'll just cast a spell to save myself . . .

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