Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Flaner Four Block

I’m one of those writers who don’t believe in writers’s block. I don’t. There’s no such thing. It’s not about inspiration, I say. It’s about perspiration. Catchy, huh?

Even so, there’s still some kind of … shall we say, blockage… between me and my next project. It’s not inspiration. Nope. I am sure it’s perspirational.

I am a lazy man. I don’t mean to be, but it’s one of my traits. My life follows the path of least resistance mostly. I got a book out of that philosophy. Three actually. IT’s number four I’m staring at now across the distance of a keyboard and hesitating.

Starting a book for me is a commitment, and who wants that? My wife? Children? Me?

Yeah… that’s a shit argument. Like writer’s block itself.

Once I begin the book, you see, I have this system where I must write a certain amount each day. 1,666 for those of you following at home. The NaNoWriMo number everyone (but me) struggled to meet last month. I edited last month instead of writing, thinking December would catch me up. Yep, that’s how I justified it.

Welcome to December.

I have lots of notes for the new book, outline of sorts, first stories, scenes, jokes (It’s a Flaner novel), but it’s December and once I begin, I can start nothing else and I’ll kick myself if I fail to meet my words, which I won’t.

My classes are over. My presents are bought. My diet is out the window. I should be all set.

So why am I writing this blog?


Okay. Today’s the day. Today, right now. I’ll start Flaner Four. Real soon. Right away.

Once I get started, I know it’ll fly. But damn, distractions are so distracting and I am a lazy man.

Stay tuned.

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