Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Spring Classes

This semester I have the opportunity and privilege to teach two classes at the University of Utah Lifelong Learning Center.

Lifelong Learning is a continuing education program. No grades are given, no roll is taken, the pressure's removed for students to pursue their interests and enthusiasms. It's a great setting, intimate, lively, energetic and full of good stuff.

This semester I'll be teaching first my popular A STUDY IN MYSTERY.

A STUDY IN MYSTERY (LLWRC 837): Look behind the curtain of the formulaic, but eternally popular genre: the Mystery Story. Learn about the constructions, tropes, types and methods that make the modern whodunit. Designed for both writers and fans of the mystery genre, class will include assignments and activities on plot, character web, record keeping, suspense, tension and conflict. Refine your work as you’re asked the questions: Did you hide the clue well enough? Does the audience care about the victim? Is the suspense tight enough? By the end of the course, if the crime is writing a mystery story, the “Whodunit” will be you!

I get a week off (which will probably be spent watching a mystery movie with the class) and then I'm back at it.


LITERARY QUERYING-THE ART OF REJECTION (LLWRC 844): So you've written a book. Now what? Approaching the publishing world can be a lonely and daunting task. This class will give you a jump start by providing the knowledge and skill required to navigate the world of agents and publishers. It is recommended (but not necessary) that you bring a finished piece of work you are trying to place. This is a workshop heavy class, where we'll polish your pages and develop a plan to give you the best chance in the great publishing hunt.

I modeled this class after Sun Tzu's The Art of War because, let's face it, getting past the gatekeepers of literary publication is war!

I invite you all to join me this Fall for some writing theory, workshop and publication. Click on the links above for registration information and costs.  Both classes have limited space and are subject to cancellation, so don't delay.

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