Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fall Classes

The fools at the University of Utah Lifelong Learning Center have given me more chances to corrupt the population. I'm teaching two classes come October: one a practical writing class, the other a cultural movie thing just in time for Halloween.

Follow the links below to sign up. They're going to be freakin' awesome! Fun, informative and full of brightly colored shirts and enthusiasm.

LITERARY QUERYING - The Art of Rejection: a hard-core six week class on Querying. Brush up your manuscript, assemble your pieces and go to battle with the gatekeepers of literature. I'll show you what you need, where to attack. Tricks and plans.

POPULAR HORROR AS CULTURAL MIRROR: What are we afraid of? Drawing mostly from film and visual arts, we will survey popular horror in western culture. From Dracula to The Zombie Apocalypse, we’ll break down recurring themes and villains, associate them historically to take the pulse of a culture, its changing trends and deepest fears as shown in its darkest fiction.

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