Thursday, August 11, 2016

Advice for Writers

Advice for writers: Quit.

Do that. Quit. Stop doing this. Do something else. Anything else. Stop this thing. Take another path. Don’t try to be an author. Give it up. Really. 


I’m serious.

Put down the pen, turn off the word processor. Plant a tree, save a cat from a shelter, take up music. Reject rejection, embrace reason. Understand the odds. Denounce self-torture, bleed from the knees instead of the heart. Relax. Enjoy your life.

Quit writing. 

Try. Try hard.

If you can—success! You’re off to the races. Your misery quotient will be a fraction of what you were heading for. Your life will be simpler, safer, stabler. 

If you can’t quit writing… if you can't… well, if you can’t, I guess you’re a writer.


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