Thursday, January 15, 2015

Old Scratch and Owl Hoots!

I am a proud member of the Horror Writers Association. This year, thanks to my titles, BEATRYSEL, DR. STUART’S HEART and of course ELEANOR, THE UNSEEN, I graduated from Supporting Member to Associate Member. No one has shown me the secret handshake yet, but that’s okay. I’m still stoked. It’s cool.

But you know what’s even cooler? Having a local chapter!

That’s right. Utah, home of more horror than can fit in a mountain meadow, has a Horror Writers Association Chapter and I’m a member. I was one of the first. How’s that for snazzy?

But wait there’s more.

Why is he telling us all this? You might ask. Well, I might have to tell you. The Utah Chapter of the Horror Writers Association has sponsored a Utah Short Story Horror Anthology called OLD SCRATCH AND OWL HOOTS. Check it out!

I’m very proud to be associated with, and included in, this excellent collection of western horror. It bodes well for the future of horror writers in Utah. We are here and we are spooky. And now we are organized.

My story KEEP SWEET is a supernatural tale of polygamy and vengeance. What’s more Utah horror than that?

The official launch will be at the 33rd Annual Life the Universe and Everything Symposium in Provo Utah February 12-14 with a soft launch at Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanX convention later this month.

You can pick up your copy from Amazon if you don’t find one of us lurking around.

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  1. I'm lurking. Just outside your window. I'm hidden by the shrub. And DANG - it's cold out here!