Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dr. Stuart's Heart

This all happened so quickly that I’ve neglected to officially announce the release of my new book.

I proudly present:

A lifetime trying. A lifetime reaching, pressing the boundaries between the worlds. A lifetime spent longing for what was lost. Dr. Randy Stuart weathered the years and learned the ways but even his all-consuming love could not facilitate his needs until a brilliant graduate student supplied him with a vessel.
Dr. Stuart's Heart is a Beatrysel short. It is a standalone story and can be accessed and enjoyed without context to the novel it's related to, but if you know Beatrysel, you'll be so much more informed.

Hopefully, after reading Dr. Stuart's Heart, new fans will be find their way into the strange and Magickal world of Beatrysel. Current lovers of the story will gain new insight into the Magus' child, her history, creation and cost.
Dr. Stuart’s heart is more than a short story and less than a novella, which is shorter than a novel. It is a “novelette” at 7,500 words — 44 pages.

Dr. Stuart's Heart, along with Beatrysel is available now on Amazon as a Paperback and for Kindle from Omnium Gatherum Media.

Check it out. Drop me a review.

Welcome to the circle.

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