Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Six Favorite Things about Halloween!


This is my favorite holiday and not just because I wrote BEATRYSEL, a fantastic literary horror novel perfect for Halloween reading now available on Amazon. No I've loved this holiday my whole life.

Six things I love about Halloween:

1 - THE SEASON: Autumn has always been my favorite season, probably because of Halloween. I love the colors and the smells, the change in the light and the cooling temperatures. I love fresh harvested apples and pine-nuts in the stores. The moon has a special brightness in the fall, made magic when full and seen between high racing clouds.

Yeah.... this is where i live. (Utah)

2 - COSTUMES: Halloween drags us out of ourselves. We are encouraged, if not required to imagine ourselves as another thing, be it a pirate, ghost or a toad-stool. What a cathartic exercise to imagine ourselves not ourselves.
Okay, you don't have to be these people, but you get the idea.

3 - JACK-O-LANTERNS: Like costumes, pumpkins bring out the artist in Halloweeners. For at least one night a year, we all designers and sculptors. Every year I am impressed with what my family and neighbors manage to do with an orange vegetable.

Look! He's eating a little pumpkin! Can you believe that!

4 - THE OCCULT: Halloween is the last truly Pagan holiday. There is no white-washing it; on All-Hallow’s Eve, the Devil gets his due. If only for fairness, it’s nice to have a holiday that celebrates the darkness, revels in the macabre and supernatural.

Blessed Be!

5 - CANDY: Like the nuts and apples that are the season, Halloween is chocolate and candy-corn, caramel squares and “fun-size” snacks. I love handing out the treats at the door and sneaking them between visits. 
Caramels - the best Halloween candy ever. EVER!

6 - TRADITION: I love the ancient ritual of sharing, a throwback to the times of raiding bands: at a time of harvest, strangers demand a tribute at my door. Woe to me if I refuse. Trick or treat. The dead are near.

Coming soon.... ELEANOR.

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