Thursday, October 4, 2018


One crime leads to another; one time to a time before. Michael Oswald pulls it all apart as though tugging a thread on an old sweater. A theft to a murder to crimes beyond imagining, Michael Oswald doesn’t understand what he’s investigating. But he’ll remember. It began with a missing truck.

Happy October, the month of Halloween, the last true pagan holiday.

Coincidentally, look what I got:

A new cover for my horror noir WHAT IMMORTAL HAND, and to celebrate the book is on sale this month at Amazon for a pittance: 2.99 for ebook on Amazon and 9.99 for paperback at the publisher's.

I love this book. It’s literary, mystery, horror and philosophy. It’s got legs that walk on the dark side, the far side, the inside. For the next few weeks I’m going to be talking about it, not just writing about it. I’m going to try some video, the technology thing. It’s going to be fun.

Pick up a copy and send me questions if you have any. A Q&A could be fun. 

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  1. Beautiful new cover! I am almost tempted to buy one and give my old one away, especially since I never did get you to sign the original copy. Hmm. Must consider. Congrats on the new artwork!