Thursday, January 4, 2018

Peace 2018

It’s a cliche, I know, to make resolutions at New Year’s but it’s also a tradition. This year, I’m acknowledging that tradition. Traditions, unlike cliches are good things. They’re full of… well, tradition. History is good and having a day on the calendar to remind one to do something is usually helpful. Like Thursday baths and garbage nights.

I once gave up Diet Coke for Lent and it changed my life. So this year, I’m trying something more radical. First, I’m going to try to break a more sinister addiction. I’m going to try to lessen my stimuli addiction represented by countless hours spent surfing the internet. I’m a news junky and last year was all about bad news getting worse. Like many, I’ve been in shock and beyond sucking my time, it’s sucking my soul. I’m going to pull back a bit (I won’t lie and say I’m going to give it up) and see if that improves my wellbeing.

But what shall I do with all the time I’ll get from a digital diet? Funny you should ask. With the increased concentration and focus I hope to experience, I’m going to read. I’m going to read lots. With all the distraction and my own writing, I’ve fallen woefully behind on my reading. I have a stack waiting and I’m excited to plow through them. So far, since Christmas, I’ve read four. Feels good.

It’s about time.


I got into the writing thing because I felt my own mortality. Bright computer lights, TV computer, phone, movies and such distracted me from that, but it didn’t go away. I work best under a deadline and let’s be honest, there’s a big one coming and I’d be a fool to ignore it or not to use it as the motivator it is.

So, along with reading, and focusing, I will continue to write. Two novels is my goal.

All that for the prize. Peace. My own personal peace and wellbeing.

Peace to you too.

Happy New Year!

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