Wednesday, June 8, 2016

DELIVERANCE with Adrienne Monson

Adrienne Monson
Adrienne Monson, vampire, author and expert is a longtime friend of the Blog Mansion. She's visited before to talk about her BLOOD INHERITANCE TRILOGY. First with DISSENSION, then with DEFIANCE. The exciting finish is now here, DELIVERANCE, so of course I had to have her over. From past experience I knew to schedule the meeting for the middle of the night and keep garlic out of the room.

Johnny: How've you been getting on? Staying out of the sun?

Adrienne: It isn't good for my complexion.

J: I've known you for years now. You always look so good. It's almost as if you don't age.

A: You flatter me, Johnny. (And that's all the response I have. ;) )

J: Just look at yourself in the mirror.

A: A mirror?! You know I don't do looking glasses.

J: Oh right. Sorry. That's one there.

A: That? I thought it was a window into another room.

J: Lift up a glass or something, you'll see.

A: I said no mirrors.

J: Right sorry. No need to get all hissy. And clawy.

A: Sorry, I must be hangry. Have anything to eat?

J: There's the remains of my old agent in the fridge.

A: Anything fresher?

J: I'll look. In the meantime, bring me up to speed with the BLOOD INHERITANCE series. It's been a while. where'd it leave off?

A: The last scene in DEFIANCE was with Leisha and Samantha going into hiding with the prophecy child.

J: Now tell me about DELIVERANCE.

A: DELIVERANCE picks up three years later. I don't want to give too much away, but it's an epic conclusion to the whole story.

J: You've had a lot of success with this series, definitely proving wrong the critics who said vampires were over.

A: What can I say? Vampires are timeless!

J: Everyone loves vampires. And they love us. And you do vampires very well. You have an almost hypnotic presence.

A: I promise that I don't use hypnosis on my readers. If my abilities happen to transfer to the pages while I write is not my fault.

J: Like at your signings—you're the queen of signings. Are you keeping up on your in-store appearances?

A: Thanks, Johnny! I took some time off from book signings last year, but I'm making up for lost time now. I have one June 10th at the Midvale B&N, then June 11th at the Layton B&N. And I always love to be at Comic Con. There will be more over the summer but I haven't set the dates yet.

J: I'm envious.  I don't do half the store signings I'd like to. But we do run across each other at conventions. Comic Con and such. Do you find those successful or just super fun?

A: Both. Definitely both! And I will say this: The readers at those conventions almost always end up being my hardcore fans. So it's always a blast to see them there at the cons.

J: To quote the jolly bard, What a Long Strange Trip It's Been. Now that the series is wrapping up, finishing, in print and out there, what lessons have you learned? What experiences have you taken away from the ride of BLOOD INHERITANCE?

A: I think the biggest lesson I've learned is that this is just beginning! Yes, the Blood Inheritance trilogy is now finished, but there are so many more books waiting to get out. I'm excited to keep writing and watch my readership grow. :) It doesn't matter that I'm not on the NY Times bestseller list (yet!) or that I get more book sales in Australia than in the U.S. because I'm just getting started and I'm excited to see where this roller coaster is going next. 

J: Could we see more of Leisha, Samantha and Nik? Or would that a spoiler?

A: Again, I don't want to give away too much. Let's just say that I know what happens to the characters after Deliverance. And even though I'm not planning anymore books in this series, the characters still have full lives.

J: Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, DELIVERANCE will take your time for some some, but what's on the horizon for you after that. What's next?

A: I'm currently working on a new series that I'm pretty excited about. It's an adult dystopian about a nun who is an assassin for her church. Hopefully book 1 will be out by next year.

J: Where on the internet can peeps find out more about you and keep in touch?


J: Here's a snack for you while you fill out that form.

A: What is it.

J: Fish.

A: Fish? What kind of fish?

J: Jolly.

A: LOL!!!

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