Wednesday, May 18, 2016

DREAMLESS with Jenniffer Wardell

Jenniffer Wardell - Drug Pusher?
Jenniffer Wardell returns to the Blog Mansion today to talk about her new book, Dreamless, the third installment in her series of fluffy funny fairytales. Her previous visits to the Blog Mansion can be found here, with Fairy Godmothers, Inc. an here where we talked about Beast Charming.

Johnny: So, you’re advocating roofies now.

Jenniffer: Roofies?

Johnny: Rohypnol, the sedative. You know, the date rape drug. I saw your book, Dreamless, was about sleeping and dating and so naturally assumed...

Jenniffer: Eh, no...

Johnny: Well it would be a timely and interesting piece if it were about that. What is it about then?

Jenniffer: Dreamless is a twist on the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, where our princess actually gets to help break the curse and save herself rather than just sleeping through everything.

Johnny: Well that’s totally different from what I thought it would be. I thought we were going to have a long talk about drugs. Just look at all the drugs I have here.

Jenniffer: Wow, that is quite a supply.

Johnny: Okay so what was the inspiration, if not drugs, for Dreamless?

Jenniffer: It always bothered me that Sleeping Beauty got to do so little in her story. She accidentally touches something she shouldn’t, loses consciousness, and then the rest of the story goes on without her. I wanted to tweak things so that she’s the one who has to go on the journey that ends in breaking the curse and solving her problem.

Johnny: Hmmmm… So I can assume your target audience demographic is not college fraternity boys with low morals. What age group then is Dreamless intended for?

Jenniffer: Probably shouldn’t be anyone younger than 12, but beyond that it’s for anyone who always felt disappointed in how little the princess got to do in the original.

Johnny: So no sex or violence?

Jenniffer: Actually, there is some violence. One of the bad guys keeps trying to get away.

Johnny: And there’s horror, right? Did I see something about a zombie apocalypse? Or was it just an undead character?

Jenniffer: We do have an undead wraith. He’s actually quite pleasant unless you annoy him.

Johnny: How many laughing mice are there?

Jenniffer: …I don’t think there’s any laughing mice.

Johnny: What? Don’t you hear all the laughing mice? They’re laughing in tongues.

Jenniffer: No.

Johnny: How about melting walls. Do you use them? Where is it set?

Jenniffer: I think the melting walls are just you, buddy. As for “Dreamless,” it’s set in the same world as my other books, Fairy Godmothers, Inc. and Beast Charming.

Not my fault pills look like candy.
Johnny: It’s a fantasy world, right?

Jenniffer: Yes. It’s a world where fairy tales are common, every day occurrences, which means that people buy anti-curse insurance and you can go to graduate school to become and evil sorceress.

Johnny: What are you doing for the release? Will you have a party? With cocktails? Drugs? Can I come? I can bring drugs.

Jenniffer: The only party will be online. If you can figure out how to get alcohol or drugs people can ingest electronically, I’d love to hear about it.

Johnny: Your books are unique. How do you describe the genre?

Jenniffer: Humorous fantasy romance, which is unfortunately a mouthful. Amazon calls me “dark humor,” but that’s also what they call Kurt Vonnegut’s work and he and I are nothing alike. So I think I confuse people.

Johnny: You see that cat right?

Jenniffer: Yes.  Cute.

Johnny: And his mind control? You feel that right?

Jenniffer: You need to stop eating those.

How’s the success on your other books?

Jenniffer: It’s not easy being an independent author, but as long as there are people out there reading my books I’m happy.

Johnny: What kind of promotion has worked?

Jenniffer: Anything that lets me find individual readers. Social media sites are great for making those kind of connections.

Johnny: I’m feeling a little lightheaded. How you doin’?

Jenniffer: I’m fine.

Johnny: How are you keeping your feet dry in all this tangerine syrup?

Jenniffer: What?

Johnny: I need some golf shoes!

Jenniffer: Have you been eating these drugs?

Johnny: Only some.

Jenniffer: I think you should lie down.

Johnny: Wait - First, tell us where on the internets can people find out more about drug abuse prevention, you and your work?


Barnes & Noble

Johnny: I think I’ll just lie down here for a moment. Don’t you molest me while I”m sleeping okay.

Jenniffer: Don’t worry, I won’t.

Johnny: You didn’t have to say it like that.

Jenniffer: Well Johnny…. you… do you hear those mice laughing?

Laughing mouse approves of DREAMLESS

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