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BEAST CHARMING Of Frogs and Fairy Tales with Jenniffer Wardell

Jenniffer Wardell Fairy Tales and Frogophopic
Jenniffer Wardell is a frequent guest at the Blog Mansion. I challenged her on her first visit to defend her preference of The Monkees over the Beatles (I know, right?). The second time, we discussed life after a book launch. Today we’re discussing a new book from Jenniffer’s classic but twisted imagination. In the same vein as her highly praised FAIRY GODMOTHERS, INC. comes BEAST CHARMING

Johnny: I think it’s so cool how you bring old fairy tales into the modern world. They’re classic tales, full of ancient wisdom and moral truth.

Jenniffer: The originals are hundreds of years old, but people haven’t changed all that much.

This one made my legs go numb
Johnny: I think there’s secret truths contained in the old tales. To prove my theory, I’ve been kissing frogs.

Jenniffer: Ewwww. Do you have to do that now? That’s kind of gross in real life.

Johnny: I only need one of them to become a prince or a princess and I prove my theory and will win a nobel prize.

Jennifer: Suit yourself.

Johnny: Want one?

Jenniffer: No thanks.

Johnny: You don’t know what you’re missing. So tell me about BEAST CHARMING. What’s it about?

Jenniffer: Beauty’s father has been trying to stick her into various fairy tale situations for years – he’s hoping for rich in-laws – when she runs away and joins a temp agency. Her latest assignment brings her to James, who’s been cursed to live life as a beast and has therefore decided to give up on pretty much everything. After that, everything kind of explodes in a hilarious way.

Johnny: Does it take place in the same universe as Fairy Godmothers Inc.?

Jenniffer: Yes. I actually make a quick little reference to that in the book.

Johnny: This one is bitter.

Jenniffer: Some frogs are poisonous you know.

Johnny: Okay, I’ll stick with the toads. This one’s local. Colorado River Toad.

Jenniffer: Do you have to put the whole thing in your mouth?

Johnny: No.

Jenniffer: Okay.

Johnny: Ah booo doh ack rnl maer fa imratn?

This is a fun one.
Jenniffer: Take the toad out of your mouth, Johnny.

Johnny: Oooo, that was a good one. We might have the right one.

Jenniffer: What was your question?

Johnny: Oh. I said do you go back to the original material for your inspiration?

Jenniffer: There’s no real “original” material when it comes to fairy tales, but I love making references to all the different versions of the story. They’re like little inside jokes for all my fellow fairy tale geeks out there.

Johnny: Look. The toad. It’s changing.

Jenniffer: What? No it’s not. It looks like it did before, maybe a little peeved at having you suck on it, but the same.

Johnny: No, don’t you hear it singing? It’s glowing! Don’t you see it?

Jenniffer: No, afraid not.

Johnny: You’re glowing too.

Jenniffer: Must be my creative side shining through.

Johnny: What do you do to get in touch with that creative side?

Jenniffer: I just have to let myself get playful. Stories are like toys, and it’s fun to take them apart and put the pieces together in different ways.

Johnny: What’s your writing process? Do you ever use hallucinogenics?

Jenniffer: Sadly, no. Clearly, giving a writer hallucinogenics is a terrible mistake.

Johnny: I can see your words like streams of colors. Ooooooooo

Jenniffer: Do you want to ask me about marketing?

Johnny: Okay. You’ve had a year with Fairy Godmothers, Inc. How’s your marketing been? What’s worked?

Jenniffer: I’ve found that targeted marketing is really important, which is where the Internet is really helpful. I can connect to fellow fairy tale fans.

Johnny: You get along with Jolly Fish Press. Jolly Fish! That’s a funny name. Oooooo

Jenniffer: I don’t know whether to be envious or worried right now.

Johnny: When and where is your official launch for Beast Charming? Will there be munchies?

Jenniffer: It will be March 28 from 2-4 p.m. at the Barnes & Noble in Layton (1780 Woodland Park Drive). And of course there will be munchies.

Johnny: Sure you don’t want to try a toad? Really good. Ooooooooo

Not as tasty as it looks
Jenniffer: Ah, I’m good.

Johnny: Awesome cover, by the way. Really comes alive. Ooooooo colors…...

Jenniffer: Maybe you should put the frog down now.

Johnny: The frogs are speaking French. I don’t understand what they’re saying. I know it’s about me. Amphibians are not to be trusted.

Jenniffer: Or put in your mouth.

Johnny: You’re one to talk with all your glowing jiggling multi-color faceted tentacles.

Jenniffer: Maybe I should go

Johnny: No, wait. I’m fine. Beast Charming. Great book. Where can people find out more about you and it.




Beast Charming





Johnny: Do you have a giveaway going?

Jenniffer: I do. Readers have the chance to win one of five copies of Beast Charming.

Johnny: I’m telling you Jenniffer, there’s weird stuff happening with that toad.

Jenniffer: I think you’ve poisoned…. Oh…. Oh I see it.

Johnny: Yeah that one.

Jenniffer & Johnny: All Glory to Hypnotoad!

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