Thursday, December 5, 2013

Teresa Joseph-Franklin is a poet and I show it

Today is special and you should I know it
For the first on The Blog Mansion, I bring you a poet

To vex my guest
And please the rest
We shall converse
In only verse

Teresa Joseph-Franklin is a poet of some renown
I met her on the internet, not actually in my town
She writes free form in England, cozy in her home
Where she bundles up her poems and binds them into tomes – O! Teresa, O Teresa!
How many books have you written?
I own Simply Magically Beautiful
And let me tell you I am smitten!

TERESA – To write each would be a very long verse, so a brief response would be absolutely free!
That soars with the wind
Light as the breeze
Gentle and soft
Their colours so beautiful
Beautiful as everything that lives and breathes

J – When do you write your verse?
During your good times or your worst?

T – Time is of the essence
And there is nothing like the present
When the moments of inspiration come with content
Filled with words, images, with no pretense

The words just happen in good times and bad
There is no plan, just a fixture my lad
Now that cannot be all bad

J – When your muse sits upon your arm,
And whispers in your ear
What subjects does it make you write,
What themes do you hold dear? – It all depends on the mood
The theme, the topic of day
But this day holds dear as ‘Love is for Real’
Is so special in everyway

J –
I just might bring a tear
But since I have you here
I have to ask
It is my task
Why chose you this career?

T –
I stumbled, rumbled
Rummaged through the career
Deep, deep down inside was bud
Waiting to blossom, just like a flower waiting to bloom
Even though at times there was so much gloom and doom
But I made it through and shone a light on the darkest of glooms

J – How came you first to print?
Was is easy
Was it hard
Was it slow or a just a sprint?

T – My first endeavour to print came with a poetry competition
With loads of renditions
Commendations as a great poet of the great but not late England
It was easy peasy to get into print
But by jove it was a sprint
I’d never known such hurried dots and dashes
Sign here, sign there, oh and over here my dear
Sadly I am more cautious with the sprint
As there is a dog eat dog out there and they do not really care
When this poet writes and composes there upon her certain pose
With heaps of love, tenderness and flair
It’s all there
For all to read, enjoy – Bleed and write and worry, share
To put your soul and thoughts on paper
For what?
For whom?

For what awards have you received? 

T – Oh this is so, so embarrassing, 
There are loads which I have listed below
Of which I am not going bellow
Or sing.

Top Ten Female Poet of UK 2012

United Press UK, March 2012

What Lies Within a collection of poetry
Forward Poetry UK, March 2012

Top Ten Poet of UK

United Press, June 2012

Through The Eyes Of A Poet

United Press UK  - July 2012

Poets of 2012

The UK Poetry Library, August 2012

Best Poets And Poems Of 2012
World Poetry Movement, August 2012

Poets of 2012

 The UK Poetry Library, August 2012

End Of Days a collection of poetry
Forward Poetry UK, September 2012

International Who's Who In Poetry 2012 

September 2012

Into The Shadows a collection of poetry

Forward Poetry UK, October 2012

Who's Who In American Poetry 2013
September 2013

Poet Of The Year 2014

United Press United Kingdom, November 2013

J – Tell me in Haiku
Your current project’s progress

T –
oh no not Haiku !
that is the worst to write

J –
Perchance, pray tell, of where upon the net
Such able clickers might seek thee out anon
And share upon this humble page the links
Of glory and acclaim that art of thee

Teresa's BLOG
Teresa on FACEBOOK 
Teresa on TWITTER 
Teresa's author page on AMAZON &

Heartfelt Baring All (volume one) kindle ASIN: B00COSI5W6
Paperback edition below with ISBN
•    ISBN-10: 1484878388
•    ISBN-13: 978-1484878385

Heartfelt Baring All (volume two) kindle  ASIN: B00CO9QPV8
Paperback edition with ISBN
•    ISBN-10: 1489549269
•    ISBN-13: 978-1489549266

Heartfelt Baring All (volume three) kindle  ASIN: B00DI8MG6C
Paperback edition ISBN
•    ISBN-10: 1490492151
•    ISBN-13: 978-1490492155

Sunburst and Flames kindle edition ASIN: B00D9TXNEY
Paperback edition
    ISBN-10: 1490491104
•    ISBN-13: 978-1490491103 Beautiful kindle edition ASIN: B00CK8DL4W
Paperback edition
•    ISBN-10: 1489505105
•    ISBN-13: 978-1489505101

Simply Magical kindle edition ASIN: B00E2UU2LQ
Paperback edition
•    ISBN-10: 1491059443
•    ISBN-13: 978-1491059449

Living Under The Same Sky kindle edition ASIN: B00DQYAA1Q
Paperback edition
•    ISBN-10: 1490909281
•    ISBN-13: 978-1490909288

J –
Thanks for visiting
This blog is a hit
You’ve been more than patient
To put up with my shi – enanigans

T – Thank you for having me Johnny honestly


  1. It's remarkable,
    thoroughly enjoyable,
    Haiku terrible.

    1. Your insight is right
      Haikus are a trying form
      of poetry. Blah.