Thursday, November 21, 2013

Online Author Chat this Tuesday!

I interrupt the usual silly fare of the Blog Mansion for an important announcement:

Join me, Johnny Worthen, this next Tuesday at 7 pm PST / 8 pm MST at the Omnium Gatherum website for a live author chat.

I will be discussing BEATRYSEL, writing, publishing, Magic and future projects. But I will take questions about anything. Want to know how to make a fantastic Chickan Masala? Ask and I'll tell you. Want to know my feelings about the NSA? They know, but I'll tell you too.

Plus - we're giving away free books! how's that for a slice of greatness?

It's really easy, just set an alarm for Tuesday evening, turn on your computer (like it's ever off, amirite?) go to the OG site (see below) and join in. It's that easy. Win a book. Ask a question. Hang out.
WHAT: Live Online Chat and Book Giveaway

WHEN: Tuesday November 26, 2013 @ 7 pm PST / 8 pm MST

WHERE: <---click here Tuesday

WHO: Everyone's invited, Johnny will be there

HOW: The magick of the internet
Please come!

More (same) information at: My web site,  Facebook & Goodreads.

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